Last Pathetic Fool (Virginia Sisters)

Oh how the pathetic fool try to make up for lost pride. Pity the babies that dropped through your loose hole. Is it any wonder why phobia of babies reign supreme in your inner soul. If you have one at all.

Trying to project a selfless soul does no justice to the lives that you killed and manipulated. All those lost babies … all those philandering … Which person in the right mind would want to be an accomplice to someone’s betrayal of a friend. Sleeping with somebody’s husband and having the nerve to be around both as if nothing ever happened.

Lest you think I will be affected by your supposedly ‘revengeful’ information … the truth was known long before the nuptials took place. Not that I received any from you … fate actually presented your BLOG to me tonight.

I never really bothered to know about you even after hearing ‘details’ of your life. Even bumping into your pathetic self twice did nothing to interest me in your being. Hardly a face worth looking … let alone remembering.


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 21, 2006.

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