Cold Steel World (Terrorfakt)

Just came back from my site inspections. Went to the Bin Tong Park and Jalan Kelawar sites.

The freaking BTP project still looks the same as my last visit in May. I have no idea how they can finish by 20th September, as set by the client: supposedly auspicious being the eighth day and eighth month of the Lunar calendar. My shoes were covered in mud by the time I was through checking all 4 kitchen areas.

The JK project actually needed some demonstrations from both De Dietrich’s and Miele’s staff. The AEG staff was also present to check on their refrigerators that were bloating my cabinets. As usual, they are defensive about their products quality and insisted the room temperature was not right. How the hell do you sell products according to room temperatures? This incident may just cause me to pull out AEG from being used for all the appliances in my Hartley Grove project.

Took some pictures of the completed kitchen while waiting for the various parties to arrive. This is probably my second kitchen with a full stainless steel concept. Not that I recommend it but the clients insisted on the look.


~ by blackcadillac73 on July 26, 2006.

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