Baby Love (The Supremes)

I’ve been counting down the days till September 15; the estimated delivery date of my darling Ooyah. The very sight of a baby these past few days got me all mellowed and excited at the same time. The whole family was out yesterday at Aeon Tebrau City (Johor) doing some shopping, and we kept bumping into cute little baby girls. I just smiled and imagined how Ooyah will be like them soon.

I had hoped to buy a baby cot to bring back but there were not that nice and cost basically the same as in Singapore. A bunny suit similar to the one I saw in Anne Geddes’ website is still non-existent. Lest I manage to get one by end-August, I will probably have to blow around $150 to get it online.

We had an appointment with Dr Kee last Thursday and viewed Ooyah in ‘parts’. Saw her round head and tummy and also her ever-moving arms and legs. Dr Kee mentioned that Ooyah weighs around 2.3kg, a good weight at this stage. It is amazing how that first ‘ant’ scan is now growing into what I estimate to be a 3.2kg baby.

Fadelinah has been quite lethargic of late and keeps saying how tight her tummy is getting. I try not too tire her too much and don’t really mind if she doesn’t cook. I pray both of them will be safe during the delivery and look forward to the hugs after.


~ by blackcadillac73 on July 29, 2006.

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