Shopping Bags (De La Soul)

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National Day celebration has always been about watching the parade on telly or being there at the National Stadium, not that I ever did the latter. This year’s was spent raiding display shelves for baby stuff and lugging smelly durians.

The whole family packed into Ayah’s car and drove to our favourite haunts in Johor Baru for our shopping addictions. We started by stopping by a roadside stall and bought chendols and fried banana fritters. Mak always had to go one step further by buying other fried stuff in that stall; which eventually laid to waste the next day.

We later dropped by the tailor shop with our yet-to-be washed sofa cushions as samples for the seamstress to do new ones. I sure hope Putih’s fur doesn’t fly all over the place when she picks them up to measure.

We then had a quick lunch at the ‘house restaurant’ or as we normally call it … ‘Makan Kat Rumah’.

That was followed by purchases at a shop selling Islamic peripherals and Mydin Mart … a supposedly Malaysian version of Mustafa Centre. Bought a lot of baby stuff from there. Headed for Angsana after that and bought two big packs of durians, before going to KIP Mart for my monthly supply of pirated DVDs.

We eventually rounded up the shopping tour by having satay at one of the stalls along Gelang Patah highway. All in all … a food fest yet again.


~ by blackcadillac73 on August 10, 2006.

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