Barefoot and Pregnant (Hammerlock)

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It’s been more than a week since my last blog. Been busy doing kitchen proposals as usual and going for site inspections.

Went to Thomson Medical Centre the previous Tuesday for a routine medical check-up and pre-delivery talk by Dr Kee. After the check-up, we signed up for a hospital tour guided by one of their guest relations officer. The accomodation between the single to four bedders were average and by no means worth the rates. Maybe I just hate hospital environments.

During one of the stops, I saw a fresh one that just came out from the ‘oven’. The nurse was busy cleaning it up and doing the standard measurements, accompanied by the father who had a goofy smile while watching the proceedings. I guess he is just so delighted and can’t wait to tell his friends and relatives. I’ll probably be like that too with maybe a bonus tear or two.

We also managed to take a peek at some babies in the nursery. The trolleys just kept coming in like some kind of industrial production line. After that, I am convinced all babies look the same. The fresh ones will look like soaked ‘white’ prunes and the cleaned-up ones look like short old men with hangovers.

The talk by Dr Kee took almost three hours and my butt was aching by the end of it. That was the first time we saw him in his ‘joker’ element with all kind of stories to back up his reasonings. After the talk, we went to Novena Square for dinner and some window shopping.


~ by blackcadillac73 on August 24, 2006.

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