Birth Of The Cool (Miles Davis)

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By the time this was blogged … I am already a father … 39 hours old to be exact.

On Tuesday morning around 4 am, Fadelinah woke me up and said that she could not bear the pain anymore. I got up in a daze and asked her to get ready. Ayah and Ibu came along and drove us straight to Thomson Medical Centre.

Upon arrival, Dr Kee’s instructions rang clearly in our head as we dutifully did what was necessary. I registered while Ayah and Ibu waited in the family waiting room and Fadelinah was whisked away by the nurse for a check-up. A few minutes later, I was summoned to the main office and told … “Your wife is going into labour”.

For the next four hours I was by Fadelinah’s side assisting the nurses in whatever I could. “Push!” … “Tolak!” … “Kuat!” … “Lagi!” … were words spurted from my mouth while I tried massaging Fadelinah’s back and mopping her forehead. I just went along with whatever instructions the nurses gave me, although quite skeptical when told to coerce my wife to continue pushing the baby out even when they were not in the room. What if the baby popped out with no one to catch her? Were these nurses to be trusted?

Confidence finally presented itself in the form of Dr Kee. He came in around 9.30 am and muttered medical lingos to the nurses and we were on our way.

At 10.29 am, my beautiful baby girl was born. Dr Kee and I were dumbfounded by her size. All that talk about her not being more than 3.5 kg came to nought as she measured in at 4.18 kg and dwarfed two other babies next to her during the measurement procedures.

While Dr Kee attended to Fadelinah, I was in a small room alone with my baby as I recited the Islamic prayer calls on both her ears and shed buckets of tears. I kissed her gently and prayed that she will be an obedient child to both her parents and god. Humility never hit as hard as when you are holding your own child in your hands.

I will continue with the rest soon as I need my sleep after two exhausting days.


~ by blackcadillac73 on September 13, 2006.

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