One For My Baby (Frank Sinatra)

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13th September

The second day started with us receiving a big box gift with flowers from Long’s colleagues and we continued the rest of the day just cuddling Ooyah and lazing around. Fadelinah also started walking around a bit more to keep the blood circulation going and not be held back another day in the hospital.

In the early evening, visitors started pouring in. Fizah’s friend Jessica came by followed by Fadelinah’s friend Dyann and her whole family. Jeff, Jacqueline and Kim arrived around 7.30 pm bearing another gift in the form of Jim Thompson clothes for the baby. Jarrod and Geetha dropped by later with a gift of Winnie The Pooh clothes, which were the same ones I actually intended to buy for Ooyah weeks earlier.

By the end of visiting hours, the room was packed and it took some complaining from the other patient to set the nurse in getting us out.


~ by blackcadillac73 on September 21, 2006.

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