Sleepless (Peter Wolf)

It has been a couple of sleepless nights so far since Ooyah came into our life. Last night was the worst. She just kept bawling every chance she got. As much as I hate to say it … she is getting on my nerves.

I feel kind of guilty letting Fadelinah attend to her most of the time. I try my best to do my part when I reach home, like sterilising the milk bottles and changing her diapers. However, my body just doesn’t react fast enough when I’m asleep.

Left for work this morning together with my parents to clarify some matters with NEA. The freaking agency had actually billed my mum around $6900 for rental charges that their system had overlooked and now wants it paid. The same scenario every time a government unit is passed over to a private company to operate.

Obviously, the staff at NEA had to bear the full brunt of my angst … ignited further by my sleepless nights. I just kept bombarding the counter staff and her manager with questions and demands on every single transactions they made with my mum. My mum’s passbook actually indicated an amount of $4500 that they tried to withdraw through GIRO but failed. When questioned on the matter, they just simply refused to admit that it was their company’s doing. The incompetent manager just kept asking us to check with UOB on it, stating that it was probably from another party. That particular bank account was specifically set up for the monthly deductions from NEA and when shown the repetitive dates of every single GIRO deductions made by NEA on the passbook, she just kept denying it. The meeting was ended with her telling us that she will ask her superior to clarify and contact us on the issue. Hours later, I received a call from one Ms Ng repeating the same bullshit. I just told her off and for the company to buck up their services and administration.

My parents and I decided that we will advertise for someone to take over the stall with an asking price of $30000. My mum will continue running the stall until a genuine offer comes in. Otherwise, we will just rent it out. My mum is already set on getting another stall in Jurong area which would be nearer to our home and I don’t have the patience to deal with stupid administrative staff.


~ by blackcadillac73 on September 25, 2006.

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