Friendly People (Guttermouth)

Just went I thought this world is full of selfish and ignorant people, I was proved wrong last Thursday night.

I came back from work and saw an opened door with laughter coming from inside. What greeted me were two elderly Chinese couple who immediately stood up and shook hands with me congratulating on our newborn. I smiled and looked around trying to get clues from Fadelinah and Ibu who they were. Only minutes later did Fadelinah tell me they are the neighbours living a couple of storeys above us. They had bumped into Fizah earlier and got to know about Ooyah.

What is so remarkable about this particular couple is that our family only bumps into them once or twice in the lift and they happened to be the very first people who came to our wedding.

Gone are the reservations that most people whould have on a first meeting. The couple appeared to us like long-time family friends. We chatted for a couple of hours and the husband gave advise on relationship matters to us. Through the conversations, I got to know they are Christians and he is a taxi driver by occupation, who appreciates life and detests anger instilled within people. The wife also proclaimed how she misses the kampung spirit of yesteryear where people bonded easily without any inhibitions.

Eventually, they left the house leaving gifts in the form of a fifty dollar note and a greeting card for Ooyah. But they left a bigger gift for us in the form of their selfless act, hardly existent in modern time.


~ by blackcadillac73 on October 1, 2006.

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