Going Out (Supergrass)

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Yesterday was our first outing with Ooyah.

Around noon, the eight of us packed into the car and drove to Johor. The first itienary of the day was to settle with the incompetent seamstress at Maz Idaman the ruined Hari Raya clothes that she and her staff did. While the women were in the shop going through the clothes one by one for alterations, Ayah, Ooyah and I stayed in the car. Eventually, I popped in and remarked how it was better for us to just by clothes off the shelves than rely on shoddy tailoring. By the time we left the shop, the seamstress and her staff had more work to do and less money with the refunds demanded by Long.

We then headed for Aeon Tebrau City to break our fast and for some shopping. The day ended with us having dinner at Singgah Selalu Restaurant near KIP Mart. We can tell that Ooyah really enjoyed her outing as she didn’t create much fuss throughout the whole trip. The only time she started wailing was when she heard the reversing sound as Ayah parked the car to go home.


~ by blackcadillac73 on October 9, 2006.

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