Army Of Me (Bjork)

For the past 11 days, my brain was forced into military mode due to my army in-camp training. Joining a different batch of reservists at 650 SIR Charlie Company was already bad enough, knowing that most of them are seven years my junior weakened my body even further. Thank God I managed to see the orthopaedist at Singapore General Hospital a week before the ICT started. Armed with a 2 month excuse from IPPT and lower limbs movement, I weaved in and out of training without having to go through the field movements.

Funnily, I bonded with Azman, a sergeant from my previous unit, 187 SIR. To think that we didn’t really speak to each other then, yet stood out like long time army buddies in our new unit. Our beds were even side by side and we helped each other out be it in training or sharing cigarette stocks. This was supposedly his last ICT, whereas I still need to finish another 2 ICTs. I also made new friends like Yunus, Khalid and a few others. The only other familiar old face was Shamsul who is with HQ Company.

We have already completed Atec 1 for this particular ICT and achieved a Recon 2A. The more rigorous and longer Atec 2 is scheduled for September next year and word has it that if we failed to achieve a good result, we would need to repeat the whole exercise all over again the following year. The way I see it, I can either push for a longer excuse from the orthopaedist or join them throughout the whole ordeal.

Sadly, the body that used to be one of the fittest in the battalion can no longer push itself to its limits.


~ by blackcadillac73 on November 6, 2006.

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