Long Roads, Short Visits (Bob Franke)

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Upon returning from my army reservist training, Fadelinah and I went to her ex-colleague’s place for our Deepavali invitation. Maha’s apartment was nicely furnished and it was spicy food galore as we tucked into the various dishes. The rest of her gang were there too and a parade of three babies from different couples were laid in the air-conditioned bedroom to minimise bawling.

After that, we went to IMM for some window shopping while waiting for the rest of the family to pick us up for more Hari Raya visits.

During one of the visits, we discovered that Fadelinah’s family are descendants of Wak Tanjung. On his death bed, he was made to sign away the land unknowingly by a cousin declaring that Wak Tanjung has no children, thus claiming the land for the liar’s own family. The current occupants of the Wak Tanjung site are basically living on a land not belonging to them and going against Faraid. I hope the true heirs are able to claim back the land someday.

In spite of all the chaos and name droppings as our family and relatives discussed on the issue, Ooyah just couldn’t be bothered and remained sleeping in every home that we visited. I guess the only descendant she’s interested in being is that of her papa.


~ by blackcadillac73 on November 7, 2006.

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