The Visit (Loreena McKennitt)

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 Alright … it has been a long while since I updated my blog. Work has been piling up and I’ve been too fascinated with Ooyah to even bother touching the keyboard. The Hari Raya season has basically ended and apart from the usual rounds to the relatives, we received some visitors to our own home. Relatives who already came by the Teban apartment during our stay there understandably skipped our apartment. Surprisingly, friends didn’t feature much in this year’s Hari Raya celebration.

I didn’t really call the gang over for the usual feast as our schedules conflicted and neither did Fadelinah’s former colleagues came by. One aspect of friendship that I had always gathered was that if your friend gave birth you would visit both mother and child. That is if you considered the person a friend in the first place. There were a few faces that I actually expected to visit Fadelinah but somehow never turned up. Maybe I just take friendship too seriously … because I would drop these people from my list without hesitation if it happened to me.

The people who actually brightened up our Hari Raya turned out to be Long’s colleagues who were always there in spirit if not physically for whatever personal celebrations that we had. They wanted to visit Ooyah and Fadelinah so our family cooked up some dishes for them to enjoy. Serena, Margaret, Geraldine and Emily came by and joked and laughed with the rest of the family the whole night.

They will definitely be at the top of our guests list for any celebrations that we may have in the future.


~ by blackcadillac73 on November 26, 2006.

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