Show Elis E Miele (Elis Regina)

I spent an evening the previous week with UKF’s and Miele’s staff for a demonstration and dinner session.

We initially went to the main showroom at Winsland House for an introduction to some of their latest models before proceeding to the office lounge for dinner. Bing cooked up the dishes while Hwee Hwee and her colleague helped with the preparation and cleaning up.

Starters included toasts with some goose liver and salmon spread, which were rather delicious probably because I was hungry. The main course included fluffy steamed rice in chicken broth, roasted chicken, steamed cod and peppers and lastly … another chicken but in herbal soup. Dessert was steamed chocolate cake and baked cream puffs stuffed with melted chocolate. I guess the theme of the night was steam. We ended the evening with an introduction to Miele’s new limited edition cook book, of which everyone took home one each.

I always enjoy going to their office not because of anything else but the integrated fish tank they have between the kitchen and lounge; which I hope to incorporate into my own home in the near future.


~ by blackcadillac73 on November 27, 2006.

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