At Your Birthday (Steppenwolf)

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Last night we celebrated Ayah’s birthday in Earle Swensen’s at Vivocity. We had earlier managed to finally buy shoes for Ooyah from The Gap and Fox Baby before meeting the rest of the family there. I guess this new restaurant concept is Swensen’s venture into the upper-end market, with its modern design and see-through kitchen, similar to Mezza9.

Ayah, Fizah and Long were already inside by the time we managed to find our way through Vivocity’s maze. They had already ordered starters of fries and something that looked like Pizza Hut’s Quesadilla with tuna, which tasted really crappy. After tasting that, we weren’t too sure whether their ala’ carte would be up to the mark either so decided to just order an ‘Earthquake’ which was a safer bet.

While tasting the ice cream buffet, we presented Ayah with his gifts. Ooyah started the ball rolling with the birthday card written by her ‘translator’ and also our gift of a Pierre Cardin bag. The rest then presented their gift of a Braun Buffel wallet and belt set. Afterwards, we headed to Mak’s Place at Changi Road for a supposedly proper dinner. Somehow I get the feeling that cereal prawns and steaks are the staple food of our family, since they are always on the table every time we eat out.

We also talked about the Kuala Lumpur trip we will be embarking on this Friday. I have already booked a two bedroom suite at Micasa All Suite Hotel for our accommodation. Unfortunately, Fizah and Long would not be able to join due to their work schedule. So it will be just the five of us hopefully on a successful road trip to Kuala Lumpur this time. I am actually sick of Kuala Lumpur. I feel that there isn’t a corner of that city I have not been to. Perhaps Ooyah and I will be able to enjoy ourselves on her first dip in the hotel’s pool.


~ by blackcadillac73 on December 6, 2006.

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