Late Night Grande Hotel (Nanci Griffith)

00122.jpg 00221.jpg 00320.jpg 00419.jpg

No. Those are not ghostly orbs in front of me, but raindrops as seen from our room at Marina Mandarin last Tuesday night. It had been raining heavily the whole day and was worst in the evening. I don’t think it actually stopped till the next morning.

Fadelinah, Bavani and Mrs Rajah had earlier spent the day in the room to catch up with Ooyah and Divya. The two partners in crime were presented with gifts of clothes and modelled a pair that Bavani bought. I only came by after work and had dinner with Fadelinah and Ooyah at Thai Express Marina Square and coffee at McCafe. The rest of the night was spent watching television and playing with Ooyah in the room.

The next morning, the whole family had a foamy bath in the tub. Swimming in the pool was basically out since I forgot to bring my trunks. It was a nice experience and I can’t wait to fit a bathtub in our apartment come the next renovation.


~ by blackcadillac73 on December 24, 2006.

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