Work Time (Sonny Rollins)

Work is neverending these past weeks. Apart from attending to walk-in customers in the showroom, every little time I have goes towards revising prospective projects. Add to that the site inspections and meetings, my mind is pre-occupied with kitchen designs; to the point that I even design while waiting in a car. Four projects have been completed the past month and basically its payment collection time, except for the Farleigh Avenue project which the bloody contractor seems to find every single excuse to delay payment.

The Bin Tong Park project is back on track with a bunch of new people handling it. Apart from the sulky-looking site foreman and electrician, I basically have to repeat my requirements all over again to the different parties. Ironically, the third architect in charge of the project will be resigning in March. Wonder who’ll I be facing again later.

For a project of such magnitude whereby its size is more that of a shopping centre than a bungalow, I hope things will not be delayed any further. I basically started planning the kitchens more than two years ago and they have already been in the warehouse for two months awaiting installation. Nonetheless, I’m confident it will be beautiful once completed.


~ by blackcadillac73 on February 1, 2007.

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