Give Us A Goal (Slade)

13 years after the last ticket I bought to watch the Singapore national soccer team in action, I found myself back at the old National Stadium. The reason? Malaysia was in it.

After Singapore pulled out of the Malaysia Cup, things were never the same again. Although the national team’s status has advanced a bit compared to Malaysia, matches between both countries are always a close affair; except the 4-0 thrashing by Malaysia a few years ago.

So on 27th January, I was in the grandstand with Marc, Ai Tiong, his girlfriend and nephew watching it live from a few steps behind the goalpost. Not really a vantage point of view but it was the best we could find as we arrived late to book our seats.

The moment the teams walked into the field, the Kallang roar and Mexican wave were back in full swing. The whole stadium was covered in red and white, except for a pathetic portion of yellow and black; that being the Malaysian fans. The match was exciting albeit the occasional stupidity from some players. By the time the match went into extra-time and the mandatory penalty shoot-out, the patriotism was instilled back into me. I shouted till I was hoarse and spurt out vulgarities at almost every player on the field. Nevermind the elderly or children in the crowd, everyone was in the mood for cursing. Eventually, we won by the slimmest of margins.

I did not watch the Singapore vs Thailand match at the stadium, but at home together with the family. It was a close call and Singapore won by an undeserving penalty. The referee cut a sorry figure facing the wrath of the entire Thai team and their supporters in the stadium.

I am certain Singapore will go down in their away match in Bangkok, if their last performance was anything to go by. Beating Malaysia was good enough for me, beating Thailand in the final is just too much to dream of. Perhaps the team can prove me wrong.


~ by blackcadillac73 on February 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Give Us A Goal (Slade)”

  1. I reckon a 2-1 victory for Thailand and them winning it in extra-time. Singapore’s defence are too complacent and the solitary goal would probably be a bounce of someone’s backside.

  2. i reckon the 1st leg be the singapore team for definite

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