We Are The Champions (Queen)

OK. I was proven wrong.

The Singapore team just won the Asean Football Championship in Bangkok. Despite the onslaught from Thailand from the kick off, the national team managed to hold their own. A disallowed goal in the 9th minute seemed like a sign of defeat for the visitors. Defensively, the team was in shambles led by the incompetent Aide Iskandar. This should be his last appearance for the country and it was highly inappropriate that he was the first one to hold up the cup. I can’t understand how anyone can gain from him being captain.

Kudos to Noh Alam Shah for his double feat; being the golden boot winner and most valuable player recipient. The rest of the players did fairly well too, especially Mustafic Fahrudin and Shi Jiayi. The former was a tower of strength against his opponents and has a calming presence. The latter did no wrong throughout the whole tournament with his hardwork and vision. Finally, the FAS has procured gems from the so-called foreign talents. Get them young and not old has-beens like Egmar Goncalves and the likes.

Being one of two countries in the Asean region to ever win the cup thrice is definitely an honour.


~ by blackcadillac73 on February 4, 2007.

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