2nd Anniversary (Gladys Knight)

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Fadelinah and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary last Tuesday by going to Bintan for a two nights stay at Nirwana Gardens. The resort is one of the popular ones in Bintan, full of amenities with decently furnished rooms. The beach was clean although not conducive for swimming at the time due to jellyfishes. The staff at the resort are very friendly with top-notch service.

The first day was spent exploring the resort’s compounds and patronising its various restaurants, even that of the nearby Mana Mana Beach Club. We had tunch at Dino Bistro and dinner at The Kelong, a recent addition to the island’s restaurants. The Kelong is somewhat a replica of those you get in other parts of Asia but with Singapore’s prices. After dinner, to pass the time we embarked on something I had promised myself I would never ever do in my lifetime. Holding a microphone and reading lyrics off tacky videos on the screen for two hours; widely known as Karaoke. That also after repeated coaxing from my partner. Four compulsory mocktails later and a bloated bladder, we headed back to our room.

The next day’s activities were more in line with my interests. After breakfast, we headed for the free-form swimming pool and spent the following hours just soaking in the whirlpool and relaxing on the pool chairs while eating chicken wings and drinking ice coffee. We also borrowed this ‘Battleship’ board game from the games counter and played it in our room. As usual, I bored Fadelinah out of the game after three rounds with my repeated cheatings. The evening was spent at Dino Bistro again with servings of lasagne and penne pasta with lobster.

On the day of departure, we managed to shop at the Bandung’s Factory Outlet next to the ferry terminal and I grabbed hold of two Polo Ralph Lauren shirts from the boutique. Alas, realised I lost both shirts this morning when I rummaged through the suitcase. The plastic bag containing them must have slipped through the X-ray machine rollers. $120 down the drain and a costly lesson never to shop last minute before boarding.


~ by blackcadillac73 on February 9, 2007.

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