Stoned Soul Picnic (The 5th Dimension)

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The whole family went to Sentosa Island yesterday for a picnic and some sight-seeing. It was crowded with Singaporeans and foreign workers. The latter was all over the island in groups.

We set up base along Siloso Beach and enjoyed the breeze and food Ibu prepared. I also had a swim while waiting for Ooyah to wake up from her nap; couldn’t wait for her to try out the baby float I bought at a nearby shop earlier. Alas, an hour later the picnic was spoiled by a group of foreign Chinese workers who shamelessly took off their clothes except their underwear right before our very eyes and jumped into the sea. The sole lifeguard on duty was too cowardly to take notice of them until his colleague came by later and told them off. The picnic basically went downhill from then onwards. The moment the idiots got out of the water, the sky opened up and it started raining heavily.

We took shelter at Trapizza and ordered some drinks and ice creams to pass the time. Due to lack of seats, the whole family sat themselves on mini seats around the kiddie table. After the rain stopped, we headed for Underwater World.

At $19.50 per entry, we were entitled to a short walk to look at the sea creatures and a round trip travelator ride to view the rest of the species through the curved glass ceiling. Definitely money down the drain. I recall a similar attraction in Langkawi that is better, bigger and cheaper.

To add salt to injury, when we returned to the car, we noticed that the headlights were on. When Ayah started the ignition, the car wouldn’t start. The battery was flat. That prompted a call to AA for service. However, about an hour later on a hunch, Fadelinah decided to try and start the engine again. Lo and behold … it worked. A quick cancellation call to AA and we decided to try our luck at Tanjung Beach to continue the picnic.

Alas, it was just not meant to be. The moment we stepped out of the car at Tanjung Beach, it started pouring again. There and then we decided to give up and return home. I guess Ooyah will just have to wait for her first dip in the sea.


~ by blackcadillac73 on February 20, 2007.

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