Return Visit (Tubby Hayes)

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We visited Geetha and Jarrod at their new place last night. It was nicely done up and got Fadelinah all worked up about getting ourselves a condominium unit too. I’m all for it provided it fits our budget range and in the east area. Another criteria would be that it be freehold. Staying in our current apartment in Jurong is fine with its size and amenities, but I was never a fan of Singapore’s west areas in the first place and still find it too chaotic. Fadelinah on the other hand doesn’t like the east areas.

After given a tour of the apartment, we went to buy takeaways at a coffeeshop in Woodlands. Upon returning, we had dinner before settling on the couch to watch a DVD of ‘Borat’. Ooyah was basically at her best behaviour throughout the whole thing, rolling around on the mattress Jarrod placed on the living room floor for her. We left around 11pm after saying our goodbyes.

~ by blackcadillac73 on February 21, 2007.

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