Gang Of Losers (The Dears)

I’m not one to watch the local Malay television award shows but the Pesta Perdana 9 trailers that keep popping up basically every ten minutes on the screen got me interested enough. Not on knowing who I think should win but to be sure that the talentless ones do not. Three faces that have been recycled throughout almost every Malay television programmes these days. Let’s just call them Anak Mamak, Anak Harun and Anak Kental.

The first lacks talent basically in every department but gets thrusted into the limelight as a show presenter and an actress. She used to be the inept nasal-voiced co-host of a morning show and now peddling her ‘acting’ skills with her bad Malay grammar and buck tooth. Even with two nominations in a category, she still couldn’t win. Bugs Bunny can do better.

The second seems to think he is the most handsome of the lot and takes pride in getting freebies from interior design companies. The Malaysian acting circle does not need a lame ass like him. The only suitable role for him would be that of Cicakman’s shit.

The third seems to have a permanent scowl etched on his face and gets by by acting tough on television. Everytime I see his face on the screen, I feel like throwing a chair towards it. Ironically, he thinks he’s good-looking too. Perhaps too many Botox injections gone wrong. Then again, I don’t think he can afford it.

Thank God Era Farida won a couple of awards. Beauty she may not have, but abundance in acting skills. A lesson for all these airheads who think that piling on make-up and acting ‘cute’ will get them far. As for the guys, please spare me the over-the-top angst. Take cue from Suzairhe Sumari on maintaining the essence of a role.

One last thing, please let Najip Ali host the award ceremony next time. Your jokes are getting flatter Suhaimi Yusof.


~ by blackcadillac73 on February 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “Gang Of Losers (The Dears)”

  1. i figured out who’s anak mamak & anak harun but still clueless on who’s anak kental! LOL

    i think kak fid deserves all the accolades & i agree, pls let najib host next year’s awards!

  2. Hehe … I’ll give you a clue. He is the host of a new programme which literallly means ‘RUMMAGE’ in English. You will also not miss his face everytime a ‘Cinta Q-ueers’ trailer is on the screen. Darn it … you will actually see all three clowns!

  3. oh sekarang baru saya tau! i didn’t watch that cinta Q(arut)lah. i only watch suria for the news & daud yusof 🙂

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