Blessed Are The Sick (Morbid Angel)

I am currently on medical leave for the next two days. Couple that with my day off on Wednesday, looks like I’ll only be back to work on Thursday. I guess God knows I need more than a week’s leave during Chinese New Year; which was mandatory due to working for a Chinese-owned company. All the shopping centres in Singapore transform into ghost towns during this season.

Went early in the morning to the clinic at Jurong Point, which Fadelinah and I have labelled ‘the brothel’. The term was derived from the tacky ‘Cina’ decor in garish colours and the young girls manning the counter. Having a young doctor in charge doesn’t really help since he looked more like their pimp. He checked my temperature and heart beat and diagnosed me with fever and sore throat. After making payment, I went to buy breakfast and started making calls to re-schedule appointments I made for the next few days.

Fadelinah is out with Ooyah right now and I’m sprawled on the bed watching television. Sigh … being sick is no fun. Imagine the amount of DVDs that I need to watch to pass the time and the amount of work I need to relinquish to others because I’m ‘sick’. Hmmm … I see dark clouds forming outside with heavy rain imminent. I guess I’ll just curl up inside the sheets and sleep it off.


~ by blackcadillac73 on February 26, 2007.

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