Happy Birthday To Me (The Muffs)

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Last Tuesday was my 34th birthday and we celebrated it in Tambuah Mas at The Paragon. I wasn’t really in the best of health after recovering from my fever marathon and coughing fits, but managed to have it.

It was a simple affair of Indonesian food and chocolate cake which Fadelinah bought and later lighted up and presented by one of the helpful staff there. I really couldn’t think of anything that I really wanted so Fadelinah gave me a PSP, an upgrade of sort from the soccer game I kept playing on my mobile everyday to pass the time. The rest of the family gave me Takashimaya vouchers, not knowing what to get for picky me.

Eyeing the whole thing from a distance was Ooyah, probably couldn’t understand what the whole fuss was about since any form of celebration had always been for her. So as not to let her feel left out, I gave her smackerings of kisses to remind her she is and always be the best gift of a lifetime for me. We later left the place while I hoisted her up high like a trophy to her delight.


~ by blackcadillac73 on March 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday To Me (The Muffs)”

  1. glad you’re a-okay now. btw, happy belated birthday 🙂 !

    p/s: i miss reading mak ooyah’s blog

  2. Tank U Belly Mart! Btw … Ooyah Mama is revamping her blog so it will be updated pretty soon.

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