Hospital Sessions (Orangedrive)

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It’s been almost four days and Long is finally out of the hospital due to her surgery, which was done by Dr Suresh Nair. The whole family has been going to Mount Elizabeth Hospital throughout the duration; arriving early in the morning and staying till late at night.

I could have sworn I was in a hospital in Indonesia since almost everybody there are Chinese Indonesians. Even the in-house Guardian Pharmacy local staff spoke fluent Bahasa Indonesia. Apart from seeing Long, there is relatively nothing to do in the hospital. We either watched television in the lounge or patronise Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Fadelinah had a chance meeting with her ex-colleague Vijaya, whom I spotted earlier. She was visiting a friend there and was delighted to finally be able to hold Ooyah for the first time since her birth. She had been travelling with her husband for months earlier. Other than that, Ooyah’s entertainment was basically confined to watching the fishes in the hospital’s aquarium. They have quite a good selection of salt water species with live corals and all. Really wish I can have something similar in my own apartment, since it sure beats having two smelly cats that just eats and sleeps.

Mount Elizabeth Hospital looks basically like any other hospital but what I can’t comprehend is the layout. The waiting area of the operating theatre is right above the main entrance. There is usuallly a crowd just waiting for their loved ones at the theatre’s exit lined by lifts which is very open to the public. Thus, there are scenes of families relieved to see that their relatives are safe after a surgery, and also spine-chilling ones of the dead being pushed out amidst crying families. I actually passed by close to one as I was carrying Ooyah after an aquarium visit. Imagine the chaos if the bereaving family was the type that wailed hysterically.


~ by blackcadillac73 on March 25, 2007.

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