Baby Boy (Beyonce)

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We visited Kefli and Tanty at Eastshore Hospital this evening with the birth of their baby boy. Couldn’t really remember the place at first as I last saw it while passing by almost two years ago.

Tanty was coping well and we took turns looking at the new addition to their family. A big resemblance to the father no doubt. Azmi joined us soon after. He got to hold Ooyah for the first time and being the attention-grabber, she smiled and laughed herself silly to the amusement of the others. We left the hospital about two hours later after Ooyah got cranky.

She was basically bawling her eyes out throughout the whole journey home, which resulted of course in my parents saying that it wasn’t a suitable place to bring Ooyah to, especially at night. I guess there may be some truth to it since hospitals can be really spooky after dark.


~ by blackcadillac73 on March 31, 2007.

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