In The House (Kenny Dope)

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Peranakan houses have always been my favourite out of the many residences I’ve visited. Went to one last Saturday morning for a site meeting with the owner and my recommended contractor. While the owner gave him a tour of the house that needed rectification works, I went about my business in the kitchen area. Managed to catch some shots of the interior while waiting for them to finish up.

I really feel Peranakan houses should be the primary architecture of Singapore when it comes to residential living. No doubt there are bigger houses designed by renowned local architects, a Peranakan house still has a definite character of its own. The space planning within one can be really interesting in spite of its long rectangular profile. Mezzanine floors are sometimes added to such units, thereby splitting a standard three storey into five. The sprawling bungalows that my other clients live in tend to be replicated designs, although coming from different architecture firms. There is no sense of distinct identity conforming to a particular firm.

This particular one even has a small swimming pool at the bottom of the air-well, which contributed to the airy feel, with the rest of the house strongly defined by elements of teak, marble and glass. Being located in Emerald Hill also added to its charm.


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 2, 2007.

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