Recall (Technotronic)

Just when I was leaving a site meeting last Saturday, I received a call from Shamsul telling me to get ready for my unit’s silent mobilisation. In layman’s terms, get home as soon as possible to put on the army uniform and bring the field pack with its mandatory items back to the mobilisation centre … in-process and just wait for further instructions. What transpired was four hours of waiting.

Knowing the duration that the whole process would take, I had no alternative but to bring my best friend who never fails to join me whenever I put on the army uniform … Mr Marlboro. I do not smoke on normal days but will puff like a chimney when in camp. So there I was at the steps of Ngee Ann Polytecnic’s Sports Complex draining my life away.

My next in-camp reservist training is tentatively set for 19th November, which would likely take two weeks. Hmmm … $11 X 14 = $154. $154 down the drain for my special friend.


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Recall (Technotronic)”

  1. At the risk of sounding Brokeback-ish, I’d say I love the Marlboro Man too! I love him even more during in-camp!

    I think in-camps run on a different clock lor. One minute in-camp is actually 10 mins outside. And in-camps are hazardous to our health. We smoke more during in-camp. So they should ban in-camp training! Hahahaha!!

  2. That’s the irony of reservist training. You are told to pass your IPPT and be fit for combat, yet all the other vices come into play the moment you in-process. I never smoked until I join the army. There are also other unmentionable things that happen during in-camp too, not that I was part of it though. I swear and Mr Marlboro’s my witness.

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