Ticket To Ride (Carpenters)

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After more than two weeks of contemplation, common sense prevailed. I had been eyeing the Quinny Buzz, whereas Fadelinah was more keen on a Maclaren. I wanted to purchase the former two weeks ago when it was going at a promotion price but our parents kept saying it was a waste of money since Ooyah will probably not want to be in a stroller when she learns to walk. And just three days ago we decided to purchase the latter, alas it was out of stock.

We’ve been using two strollers since Ooyah was born. One which is a car seat/stroller combination and the other which is an ‘el cheapo’ from a neighbourhood shop. The first one is a tad bulky and takes up lots of storage space in the car, so most of the time Ooyah sat in the smaller stroller which is lighter and takes up less space. Sadly, it’s not rolling as smoothly as before so a replacement was needed.

Last night I bought ‘the replacement’, a German-made Hauck Esprit stroller which was selling for only $129.95 at Toys R’ Us. Fickle me decided on the black one earlier but changed my mind last minute to the red. It looked more vibrant and suited for Ooyah. The moment I reached home with the stroller, we decided to let Ooyah take it for a test drive. The whole family then headed to Pasir Panjang Park’s food centre for satay and seafood. Ooyah looked comfortable in it probably because it did not hinder her view of the outside world like the old one.

Now there are three strollers parked in our already-cramped dining room. I wonder if the karang-guni man is interested.


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “Ticket To Ride (Carpenters)”

  1. karang guni man? karung guni man, kot? that’s a german-engineered beauty, btw.

  2. I’m likely to leave the house of Maclaren and join the Quinny crowd. I’m aiming for a Quinny too to replace the aging Maclaren Techno XT, but I can’t decide between the Zapp and the Speedi.

    Choices, choices …..

  3. Raggedyanne, I’m a sucker for German products lah. And a cheap price to boot too, some of the Taiwan-made ones actually retail at a higher price.

    Moby, either one would be fine for Ajab though you need to get the Maxi-Cosi seat for Momo. Both units would likely cost close to $600. That’s why we were considering the Buzz a few weeks ago when it was promoted at $599 instead of the original $999. The Zapp is the most compact of the Quinny range when folded though.

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