Sister (Sonic Youth)

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Ooyah got a new ‘sister’ tonight and she only took less than half an hour to conceive.

I’m talking about a made-to-order plush toy that we bought from Build-A-Bear Workshop at Vivocity. We went through the whole line-up before deciding on Cuddly Lamb, partly due to Ooyah’s babbling when she saw it. The store actually stocks up on empty plush toys that would only be filled up with cotton once the customer has made his choice. There is also a large variety of accessories to complement the plush toy, ranging from clothes, shoes and the likes.

We actually had to go through the whole cycle of filling it up, wishing upon a heart that was placed inside it and registering the birth certificate. Fadelinah and I were stumped for a while when we were required to name it, but somehow the name Chombi came up. Don’t ask me why, I never dated nor know anyone by that name.

Ooyah seemed happy with her new ‘sister’ and continued her babblings as we resumed our shopping spree in Vivocity.


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 6, 2007.

5 Responses to “Sister (Sonic Youth)”

  1. isn’t chombi the name of one of the characters in p. ramlee’s “ibu mertuaku”? *scratches head* errr….i think i can’t get nuha one of those. she, like her mother, does not handle soft toys with care 😛

  2. I think so, that’s what the rest told me too. Anyway, aren’t soft toys meant to be thrown about and squashed? No need to handle with care lah. Ooyah already left her marks on Chombi with her air liur.

  3. wah lao! lol. imagine when ooyah has to write an essay about her family when she goes to school nanti. Saya ada seorang adik kambing bernama Chombi 😀

  4. Bukan adik kambing je. Dah ada plan nak kasi dia adik lembu, adik arnab and so on … for the next 5 years till she qualifies for a real adik.

  5. hey, since mama & papa ooyah are soooo into pro-creating adik2 for ooyah, kasi ler nunu adik sekor 😀

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