Sex Machine (James Brown)

Today’s Sunday Times featured a 2-page article on one freaking sex machine. A so-called religious man with 10 wives and 64 children; most likely from one of those Islam-deviators sects. A family so large they occupied two ‘jumbo’ seven-room HDB flats in Marsiling, with a third rented out. The head of the household would actually stand on a platform with microphone in hand when addressing his family members, like a school assembly scene. They only came into public light recently when the father was sentenced to 32 years in jail and 24 strokes of the cane for raping six of his teenage daughters, two of which eventually went for abortions. Three of his wives actually abetted in the despicable acts and currently waiting court sentences.

The thing that amazed me about this article was the way he managed to run the whole family like clockwork. The two flats are not even on the same floor yet were divided in the same manner as a one unit flat. Groceries were bought in bulk and stored for the designated cook to prepare meals and later distributed to the rest of the family. They were also financially stable with income coming from the family’s transport business, a fleet of 11 minibuses and vans. All the wives followed a roster when it came to satisfying the sex machine and never argued on anything. Household chores were also distributed equally. Although they were covered in veils from head to toe, it does not take a genius to figure out that at least four of them were gorgeous by just looking at their eyes. Guys, vouch for me here.

If only this bugger is not a criminal and has his act together, he can actually run a country somewhere.

It is a wonder how some people tend to treat a common human being as a leader for that infinite happiness in heaven. Hmmm …

This story also brings to mind some Muslim women mindsets on being a filial and religious follower. The standards are so different. The first group would cover their bodies with loose veil except the eyes. The second one would wear headscarfs with loose or normal clothings below. The latter is the norm nowadays.

But the ones that take the cake are those that cover their head but wear tight figure-hugging clothes. What fucking message are you trying to get across? ‘Only my husband can see my hair but YOU can imagine all the curves to my body and where they lead to’???

I recall our family’s trip to Terengganu a few years ago and the stares our women got from some of the folks there, simply because they did not wear headscarfs. One waitress didn’t even want to take our orders at first when she saw us and rudely take them down when asked to do so. Was the ‘tudung’, tight T-shirt and jeans combination your standard of a true Muslim?

Her father’s probably been screwing one too many chickens in the backyard leading to such stupidity.


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 8, 2007.

One Response to “Sex Machine (James Brown)”

  1. Yeah, some people have the wrong impression and lack education on the message behind the wearing of hijab.

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