Soul Outing (Frank Foster)

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My day off is normally on a Wednesday unless I shift it to accommodate for any meetings with clients or product launches. Fadelinah’s been complaining that we don’t get much time on our own lately, just the three of us. So yesterday, we decided to have a family outing. We headed for Raffles City, instead of our favourite haunt Vivocity. It’s partly due to the chance of satisfying our chocolate cravings at Menotti. Both of us simply love their Soffiato, a warm dark chocolate cake with oozing chocolate filling accompanied by a scoop of chocolate chip ice cream. We also ordered calamari with spicy tomato sauce, linguine with crabmeat in creamy tomato and fettuccine with chicken, rucola and parmigiano cream. The last one was a bit too creamy and cheesy for my liking; I took two spoonfuls before surrendering it back to Fadelinah. Thank God I ordered the palatable linguine.

The thing about Menotti and a few other restaurants; they do not serve complimentary chilled water. I forgot that the last time we were there with Jarrod and Geetha, chilled water was in the form of a bottle of San Pellegrino, chargable at that. Somehow, the Italian waiter that attended to us yesterday actually gave us free chilled water when we asked. Perhaps Ooyah had something to do with it since she was eyeballing him the whole time. The second picture shows her doing this.

After our satisfying meals, we went browsing at the other shops in Raffles City, including checking the prices of some items in Coach and Swarovski boutiques with Ibu’s upcoming birthday in mind. Once Ooyah felt asleep in the stroller with her new friend Gallops, we headed to Teban Gardens to visit the rest of the family since they’ve been missing Ooyah.


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “Soul Outing (Frank Foster)”

  1. Ooo …. Menotti! Another place for us to check out. Thanks for whetting our appetites! Mmmm ….

  2. It’s a good place to have dessert. Nice ambience too.

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