Angel Visit (Thrashing Doves)

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Fadelinah and Vijaya visited Bavani at her place this afternoon, which was also another meet-up session for both Ooyah and Divya. I only joined them after my medical appointment at Selarang Camp.

Bavani already had some of her belongings packed for her family’s move to Idaho. While they chatted among themselves, I played with Ooyah and Divya. Got to carry Divya as well, although Ooyah didn’t seem to like it that I had a little dance with Divya to the ‘Chicken Dance’ tune. She basically ignored me after that even after I repeatedly called out her name. She was also very temperamental and cried a lot. Divya on the other hand was an angel and suprised me with her strength. She actually did push-ups and I counted all six of them. Ooyah couldn’t be bothered and just lay flat on the mattress playing with a rubber ball the whole time.

Fadelinah and I think she’s been pampered too much by her grandparents. Her every whim would be instantaneously followed by someone carrying and soothing her. I reckon she should be left alone the next time she cries. She’s already seven months old and has yet to master any crawling action. Sitting on her own is a norm for her nowadays though. She also reacts badly when someone doesn’t carry her by kicking her legs about. I’ll have to keep that in check before it gets any worse. I don’t want her growing up to be a brat.

~ by blackcadillac73 on April 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “Angel Visit (Thrashing Doves)”

  1. Momo is very pampered by his grandparents as well. That’s their duty isn’t it? To pamper their grandkids. Haha! I think Ooyah will be crawling around soon enough when she’s ready. Then she and Momo can have a crawling race or something. 😀

  2. it’s payback i tell ya! they pamper our kids to get back at us! anyway, when ooyah starts crawling you’ll definitely get lots of exercise out of it, LOL!

  3. Moby, these grandparents really spoil their grandkids. My mum’s been feeding her all kinds of nonsense everytime Ooyah looks on longingly and my dad gives her a grand tour of the apartment every morning without fail. As long as there’s new food to taste or someone’s carrying her, she’s happy.

    Pinkyjumbo, actually I can’t wait for her to crawl and eventually walk. Penatlah asyik angkat je. Hehehe.

  4. tht pic of divya doing push ups is amazing!

    I think picking up a crying/fussing baby will not make her a brat. Some kids are just a little independent while some (like Nunu) is the ‘merap’ (clingy) type. But we parents sometimes think we dont discipline our kids enuff yah, esp. if we see other kids are more well behaved?

  5. Raggedyanne, I just want to avoid raising a child that stomps her feet and bawl like crazy when she doesn’t get what she wants. You see that happening in public sometimes. That’s scary.

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