Happy Birthday (Flipsyde)

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We celebrated Ibu’s birthday at a new-found restaurant last night. Originally, we planned to have it at Cafe Le Caire along Arab Street but when we reached there, the manager told us that most of the tables on the second storey have been reserved and there wasn’t any to accommodate the eight of us. We normally eat at the second storey of that place because it’s air-conditioned and the ambience is better. Ooyah will simply start bawling if the heat gets to her.

Without any back-up plans available, we decided to drive around and look for another restaurant. That’s when we saw Amirah’s Grill. Their place wasn’t really packed like some of the rest along Pahang Street; not a good sign if you’re looking for good food. Nonetheless, we decided to give it a try and headed upstairs which was air-conditioned.

Surprisingly, the decor was much better than Cafe Le Caire, there’s even an adjoining elevated area where you can sit on the floor itself. The whole family spreaded into both sections since we basically had the whole storey to ourselves. There’s even a LCD television in front of us. It’s almost like being at home.

When the food arrived, we sampled each other’s dishes; the food was passable and not really as good as Cafe Le Caire. Their staff was very friendly and helpful though; I think most of them are Filipinos. Eventually, one of them brought out the ice cream cake we bought at Swensen’s earlier and helped set it up. Afterwards, Ibu was presented with her birthday gift of a Coach handbag, the cost shared among the members of the family.


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 21, 2007.

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