Slamming (Leston Paul)

For goodness’ sake, stop slamming the drawers!

Anyone who’s renovating their kitchen now and been sourcing for kitchen designers or contractors would most likely be briefed by these people on the Austrian-made Blum self-closing drawer runners. The current must-have kitchen mechanism for drawers to ensure that smooth and noiseless glide when closing the drawer. Even self-closing wall cabinets fitted with Blum hinges for that matter.

Day in day out for the past few months, customers have been coming into the showroom, opening the drawers and slamming them; just to see if our products come with the Blum runners. We do have them and it’s been a standard issue for our cabinets ever since that damned thing was introduced a few months ago. We have two display sets already a few years old still using the old Blum runners, so of course they’ll create a bang when you slam them. The new runners are fitted in another kitchen at a different section of our showroom.

Simply put … just because one or two drawers don’t close by themselves, doesn’t mean the whole kitchen system is crap. I’ve given up reminding these people and just let them assume all they want. So go back to that guy at Ah Chong Company who brainwashed and promised you the world using sub-standard kitchen cabinets. The new Blum runners is the only thing he has that is in line with quality kitchen systems. Wait till you see their freaking laminates pop up and the carcasses fall apart. Only then will you realise what true quality involves. Not just those freaking runners!


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “Slamming (Leston Paul)”

  1. i feel for you! when the nth no. of idiotic customer of the day ask “eh why your products so expensive ah?” i would tell them very nicely “it’s your prerogative as a customer to purchase elsewhere”. eh but apeks and nyonyas know what is prerogative or not ah??

  2. Apek’s response “Pehluckgotti simi huh? New PC issit?”

    Nyonya’s response “Plelockgetty simi huh? New bla issit?”

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