All In A Day (Backyard Dog)

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Within a day, decisions have been made to part company with some close ones. Firstly, the four innermost molars in my mouth. Due to one in its decaying stage, the dentist advised me to pull out all four since they were creating some problems. So next Thursday, they will go at a cost of $470; paid through Medisave. It will be done through local anaesthetic, but out of curiosity I asked the dentist what it would cost for me to sleep through the whole thing. She said an additional $300 would suffice. I settled for the cheaper alternative.

Secondly, my ‘Pop Yeh Yeh’ hairstyle. I’ve sat in a barber chair only two times before today. One when I was ten years old, done by one Mamak at Keppel Road and the other done by one Ah Lian at Hougang. I vividly recall walking out with the ‘bowl’ and ‘mushroom’ hairdos from both respectively. My parents gave instructions on the first haircut so I had no say. Whereas on the second one, I passed a cassette sleeve of Corey Hart with specific instructions for her to follow the same hairstyle. Unfortunately, she found it difficult to do a square-top on a round head. Apart from those two, haircuts have been done by my father and for the past two decades, on my own using countless Philishaves. Today, I saw one lone barber at Suntec City and decided on the spur of the moment to let her determine my new hairstyle. ‘Pop Yeh Yeh’ is now dead.

The rest of the day was spent shopping and dining at various restaurants. We went to Carousel in the afternoon and MacKenzie Rex in the evening. The first took place in the location of ex-Cafe Vienna. They had a fine spread for their high-tea buffet but as in most buffet situations, I found it a stressful affair. I really hate going to such things as everybody seems to feel the need to taste everything in the buffet line. I’d rather order a simple a’la carte and take my time to enjoy it. The only thing I enjoyed at Carousel was their dessert called Charlotte. Good Charlotte indeed!

Whereas for MacKenzie Rex, I really don’t know why the family likes that place. I still think the chicken rice stall in Jurong Point’s Banquet tops the rest in taste. Maybe I just hate the typical Chinese fare. All that sweet and sour fish, Chap Chai and the likes. I’m so sick of them.


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 26, 2007.

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