Just Don’t Give A Fuck (Eminem)

The boss is off to India today for some missionary work and Butch Cassidy is on medical leave till Saturday due to her misaligned knees. Apart from attending Kitchen Culture’s launch party for Kupperbusch this evening, I have nothing to do in the showroom. So I’ll just blog-hop the entire day I guess.

This blog thingie can be addictive at times, especially when I stumble unto strangers’ blogs with great anecdotes or information and sometimes fascinating details of their lives. There are also blogs that may relate and help in one’s career field. Posts in my own blog have generally been harmless and meant more for close friends and relatives to view pictures of mundane happenings in my family’s lives. I’m not out to condemn politicians or things I’m totally clueless about. However, when it comes to kitchens, don’t dare me. I know it inside out.

It is every blogger’s prerogative to reveal or hide their identity. I just can’t be bothered and my ‘Pop Yeh Yeh’ face is there for all to see. You’ve probably seen me eating roti prata somewhere and said to yourself “That guy looks weird.”. Who cares? That’s basically the reason why I have a tendency to like strange-looking people such as Benicio Del Toro, Pee Wee Herman, Bjork and the likes. Closer to home … I adore Najip Ali.

Friends or foes can also be made depending on which blogs you visit. Occasionally, you make enemies indirectly because you posted a personal opinion either on your own blog or someone else’s. A friend or relative of somebody that you passed bad remarks on would eventually be offended and decide to retaliate in their own words; not necessarily intelligent ones. But that’s precisely what blogging is all about … conveying your own opinions online. So don’t blame me for expressing my opinions because I don’t give a fuck!


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Just Don’t Give A Fuck (Eminem)”

  1. M.K Ramli kan? I rasa ada nampak you tau dulu-dulu-dulu sekali,kat Dato’ Rajah niteclub kan? Ke silver tortoise eh? I remember your pop-yeh-yeh jambul and i think i sudah jatuh lurveeeee dengan itu jambul lah. You dah potong ke jambul tu? Aiseymannnn….kasi satu gambar lah rambut post pop-yeh-yeh abangggggg….

  2. Minah benut mana pulak reply ni?

    Ye sayalah M.K. Ramli. Tapi walaupun saya suka Pop Yeh Yeh, dangdut saya tak main. Dato Rajah dengan Kura Kura Perak selalu main dangdut.

    Awak minah yang kelmarin suka peluk2 saya kat atas stage eh? Saya dengar khabar awak dah kahwin dengan satu jejaka serupa cam saya. Syabas akan pilihan awak tu.

    Jambul saya telah dipotong secara mendadak kerana terlalu ramai kaum hawa suka meramasnya. Terutama sekali yang bernama Aurelia Sarah.

    Jangan awak lupa untuk beli tiket konsert saya minggu hadapan yang akan diadakan di dalam Muzika Records. Cuma sepuluh peminat khas sahaja akan berpeluang untuk bersama saya. Cepat beli sebelum tiket habis!

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