Out To Launch (Lol Coxhill)

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I attended Kupperbusch’s official launch last night that was held at Kitchen Culture’s showroom. Since Jeff was out of town, Butch Cassidy and I went on our own. Quite a few familiar faces were around; our competitors, developers, architects and designers. I got there around 7 and walked in to the Salsa beat of a Filipino band playing near the entrance. Their showroom was packed with guests and the media. Went about on my own checking out the Kupperbusch range as well as the Poggenpohl kitchens on display.

I must say that Poggenpohl’s internal system generally seems better, yet I’ve heard lots of complaints coming from ex-customers of Poggenpohl who eventually switched to other brands. Anyway, I reckon every high-end kitchen brand has its own strengths and weaknesses. My main concern would be for Arclinea not to lose its design edge, at least while I’m still working for the brand. After browsing, I stayed a while for the speeches from the directors of Kitchen Culture and Kupperbusch, before making a quick exit since the family was waiting outside to have dinner at Vivocity.

After dinner at Vivocity’s Banquet, we headed for Marche. Yes … it is not a halal restaurant. It is blatantly obvious when you see signs indicating parts of the swine available as meals. Fadelinah and I just love their crepes with caramel banana filling, topped with Movenpick chocolate ice cream. The restaurant also has a nice Swiss decor to boot. The rest of the family just ordered drinks and cakes. So, Muslim radicals, you can stop your finger wagging now.

~ by blackcadillac73 on April 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “Out To Launch (Lol Coxhill)”

  1. Eh rambut Ooyah nak challenge papa dia eh? Cool! The pinkys love crepes too. Can I wag my tail instead 😉 ?

  2. Yah lor. Papa dia dah takde jambul lagi … anak dia take over lor.

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