Big Dentist (Lemon Kittens)

A humorous signboard placed above the urinal greeted me as I went for my dental appointment at Jurong Medical Centre; to remove 4 teeth deemed hazardous by my dentist last week.

After the mandatory registration and signatures to indemnify them of any side effects, I was brought into the waiting area of the operating theatre. The first nurse that brought me in was either trying to be funny or totally ignorant. The first question she asked me was “Four teeth huh? Are you brave?”. What the fuck! My confidence plummeted after hearing that. Aren’t nurses supposed to help in relieving patients of any anxiety? The situation wasn’t helped further upon hearing two Chinese guys sitting across me saying to their nurses that their gums were hurting and they needed painkillers. One had two teeth pulled out and the other just one. I was later asked to remove my clothing and put on two layers of kimono-like garment, topped with a head cover. I looked like one freaking bean sprout.

My dentist later did the compulsory blood pressure and heart beat checks, briefed me on the teeth that were going to be pulled out and asked if I had any questions. Uncertainty reared its ugly head and I asked whether it was possible to pull out one first and see how it goes. She was fine with it and off we went to the operating theatre.

A big room no doubt with around six staff in their medical overalls. I felt like I was on the set of ER. They were friendly and helped put me at ease. I was then strapped horizontallly on the operating table, covered totally except for my gaping mouth. Eight quick anaesthetic jabs to the gums with only the last two being significantly felt and the operation commenced. My mouth was already feeling like a bloated papaya by then. A few tugs and drilling actions and it was soon over.

After the operation, I was brought out to recover while the dentist and another nurse checked on my situation. A few nods of the head and a muffled conversation with them and I was declared fit to leave. At the reception counter, the staff handed me my bill that stated $908. I asked her to double check as I was told it would only cost around $650. She later admitted her mistake and passed me a revised bill, which was fully deductible through Medisave.

On the whole, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, albeit bleeding gums and puffy cheeks. Fadelinah now calls me Puff Daddy.

~ by blackcadillac73 on May 3, 2007.

4 Responses to “Big Dentist (Lemon Kittens)”

  1. i want to see photo of Puff Daddy! LOL! but 4 teeth at a go?? *shudder*

  2. Cannot show photo lah coz’ I can’t smile.

    Yeah … I should be getting a medal or something for today’s act of bravery. Luckily the ones taken out were at all four corners of my mouth so I’m not reallly ‘bogeh’. For the time being, chewing food is like a huge balancing act. Must bite using my front teeth like a hamster.

  3. macam2 lah you ni. Bean sproutlah, papayalah, hamsterlah… 🙂

    nice molars you have there. String them up into a necklace, ah. Barulah puff daddy

  4. Can’t do … Fadelinah already booked them to be strung. Ooyah will contribute her share in the coming years. Once complete, we’ll put it up for auction at Christie’s.

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