Holiday (Madonna)

Been reading some of the posts by various people on their experiences in bringing babies with them for holidays and I’m getting mixed feelings. Fadelinah and I are planning for another trip, this time with Ooyah. Knowing full well how cranky she gets when the weather is too hot, her comfort takes precedence for the upcoming trip. The mode of transport also plays a part. Ferry rides might induce sea-sickness and plane rides inevitably cause fluctuations in air pressure. Things that sometime affect adults, not too sure if they affect babies.

A few options in mind:

1. 3-days shopping and binging trip to Batam for three. 30 minutes ferry ride. Fast enough to be fuss-free. I want to explore Nagoya, Fadelinah wants a seafood fest, Ooyah wants a dip in the pool.

2. 4-days sea discovery trip to Redang for three. 1.5 hours plane ride. Apprehensive about small plane’s comfort. I want to snorkel, Fadelinah wants to snorkel too (don’t think we can do it together at the same time – what about the baby?), Ooyah wants to see and touch fishes.

3. 5-days sea discovery trip to Langkawi for three. 2 hours plane ride. Moderate risk of sudden outburst. I want to visit Pulau Payar Marine Park, Fadelinah wants to read by the beach, Ooyah wants to see and touch sharks.

4. 7-days land & sea discovery trip to Perth for three. 4.5 hours plane ride. High risk of sudden outburst. I want to explore Perth, Fadelinah wants to shop for clothes and Ooyah wants to squeeze the koalas.

5. 5-days shopping trip to Bangkok for seven, grandparents included. 2 hours plane ride. No worries, can play ‘pass-the-baby’ game if she cries. I want Thai food, Fadelinah wants to explore Chatuchak Weekend Market again, Ooyah wants a dip in the pool.

Hhhmmm … option 5 looks good.

As highlighted in some blogs, extra hands do make a difference. My ‘Chicken Dance’ routine can only do so much. Pacification in the form of Ibu’s “sleep baby sleep … sleep baby sleep” and Mak’s “sayang dia … sayang dia” repetitive tunes did help in stopping previous bawls. The men in the family aren’t as well equipped in their pacifying tactics. Ayah with his “susu! susu!” and Bak with his “puting mana? puting mana?” instantaneous demands everytime Ooyah cries.

Travelling with one’s family members is usually better than doing it with friends. Unless you’re travelling with friends you’ve known long enough who recognise and cope well with your good and bad moods. Before marriage, I used to enjoy travelling with my male buddies. It would always be a last-minute affair, one moment you’re telling them how you need a break from work … the next moment the whole group would be basking in the sun and ogling at girls on some beach. Even after marriage, Fadelinah and I do have travelling pals that we embark on some holidays with from time to time. It’s all good … you can’t complain about your family when you’re with them can you?

I’m the designated travel planner and I’m quite good at it. However, there will always be somebody … you know who … to spoil the show by insisting that the suitcase be packed full to make sure there are enough clothes and complain about the weather everytime things get too hot. Travelling with a baby in tow is a totally different ball game altogether. As prepared as I can make it out to be … Ooyah might just spring out some new travelling problems for us to solve.


~ by blackcadillac73 on May 3, 2007.

4 Responses to “Holiday (Madonna)”

  1. heh,when babes are in tow you can’t be totally prepared! the most important thing is to not try do everything. holidays are for you to just let things be and enjoy each other’s company. throw that itinerary away! and choice of travelling companions is very very important of course 😉 . to quote mark twain “it’s only when you travel with friends that you truly know whether you like or hate them”. or something like that LOL.

    happy holidaying guys!

  2. Indeed … the wrong travelling companions can really ruin a holiday.

  3. ya ampun, kelakarnya. “Susu! Susu!” “Puting mana? Puting mana?”

    i might just never get to go on vacation at all, since big whiner is NOT the baby :S

  4. Bottles of milk should just be prepared for the trip and shoved into the grandpapas’ mouths instead. Hehehe …

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