Short Trip To Space (John Tropea)

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We embarked on our first overseas trip with Ooyah last Sunday by heading to Batam, the nearest to Singapore. We had earlier planned to stay in Harris Resort but made a last minute change to Holiday Inn, since they had a 2-bedroom suite available which was much preferred and also because the buffet breakfast was supposedly better. The hotel was only a two minutes drive from Waterfront City Ferry Terminal and looked better than the pictures shown online.

Since we arrived about 3 hours later than our targeted arrival time; due to a slight glitch at Harbourfont Ferry Terminal, we decided to just stay in and use the swimming pool. Ooyah really enjoyed her dip, especially with the new float we bought earlier at Toys R’ Us. The rest of the night was spent at the Terrace Cafe and watching television in the living room. RTM2 was showing Ibu Mertuaku and we basically stayed glued to it. I think it’s my favourite of all P. Ramlee’s movies. The songs were moving especially ‘Dimana Kan Ku Cari Ganti’ and ‘Jeritan Batinku’. Brings to mind the Bolshoi Ballet Theatre Orchestra’s commemorative instrumental performance of them which can really bring tears to the eyes.

Our second day at Batam was assigned for shopping at Nagoya, with the help of our chartered taxi driver, Doni. Batam really looks like Johor with its shopping centres strewn all over the place and cheap residential units going for a song. Doni brought us to the popular shopping areas in Batam with a seafood feast to end the night in mind. My only wish before the trip was to purchase and taste J.CO’s famous donuts and it came true at Mega Mall Batam Centre. After looking at all the tempting ones on display, I decided to go all out and instructed a staff attending to us to pack 4 dozens including all their 18 flavours. By then it was already 9pm and taking into account my still bleeding gums, we decided to skip seafood and just buy takeaways instead at A & W’s and Ayam Penyet Ria.

We left the hotel around 2pm the next day and on the whole, it was a successful trip with Ooyah. She didn’t give us much problems thoughout the trip except crying when milk ran out or she was sleepy. Time to graduate to sea water Ooyah!

~ by blackcadillac73 on May 10, 2007.

4 Responses to “Short Trip To Space (John Tropea)”

  1. Ah! Welcome back! A&W best! Really miss the root beer float.

  2. hurhur jealous jealous…

    “Brings to mind the Bolshoi Ballet Theatre Orchestra’s commemorative instrumental performance of them which can really bring tears to the eyes.”

    Are you too proud to say that the music can bring tears to YOUR eyes?

  3. best kan gi holiday? want to see the many many pics you take of the missus. and of the donuts. and of ooyah. and of WAK KANG! LOL

  4. Moby, I think the ones in Malaysia taste better lah. The coney dogs were very dry. Didn’t order the root beer float … was afraid ants might creep into the ‘caves’ in my mouth.

    Raggedyanne, me cry? Muakakakaka … *hides away Kleenex*

    Pinkyjumbo, I can only put in 6 pictures maximum here lah … the rest Fadelinah already uploaded into Ooyah’s blog. Most of them self-censored by her … hehehe …

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