Java Jive (Ink Spots)

Following Moby’s post on the freaky kuda kepangs, I would like to reiterate that I’m not anti-Javanese, just in case there are some Wak and Mak Kangs out there who take offence and want to throw tempehs at me. My race is stated as Javanese on my IC, though I’ve never felt like one. I may look like one though with my ‘hidung penyet’. I’ve never been to my Java ‘hometown’, if it exists at all. The closest I got to experiencing Javanese lifestyle was when I visited my dad’s relatives at their now-extinct Jalan Ambo Solo residences. Nor do I like some of the Javanese practices like kuda kepangs and barongans. So how can I claim to be Javanese if I don’t know my roots and appreciate my culture?

That’s why they weren’t on my entertainment list during our wedding ceremony. Expenditures on Sri Mahligai performances and Sriwana dancers were definitely money well-spent compared to having a group of boys fondling their wooden plank horses and snacking on glass chips. Never liked them and never will. Who knows if the ones performing are actual Javanese for that matter.

My dad’s Javanese and my mum’s Malay. I have always been closer to my mum’s relatives and felt at home in ‘my’ village in Paya Rumput, Malacca. One difference I noticed about my dad’s and mum’s relatives; the former seem more reserved and polite whereas the latter more outspoken with spatterings of vulgarity along the way. There you go … I adopt the first characteristics when in public and the second when someone picks my bones.


~ by blackcadillac73 on May 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “Java Jive (Ink Spots)”

  1. My mom’s Jawa and my dad’s Malay, but I feel I’m neither, so don’t worry. No tempehs are coming your way from me! Haha! 😀

  2. ditto! 😀

  3. Moby, even if you throw them, I’ll ask Fadelinah to slice them thinly, fry and mix with chilli. Yummyyyyyy …

    Pinkyjumbo, DITTO = Dia Ingat Toyol Tapi Orang

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