Mother’s Day (Dorothy Squires)

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This year’s Mother’s Day celebration took place in Johor as suggested by Ibu. Thinking that reservations had been made since the family was already there since 4 pm, I joined them after work three hours later. Alas, none had been made so we basically drove around Johor looking for a restaurant or cafe. Fadelinah and I went in and out of hotels asking the F & B staff about their Mother’s Day promotions and checked out their buffet spread. About an hour had passed and no decisions were made by the family, some thought it was too pricey and some didn’t like the buffet spread. Fed-up and hungry, I suggested that we just settle for Secret Recipe as somebody had mentioned it earlier. We then drove to Perling Mall’s branch.

The staff at this particular branch didn’t seem interested in working. Orders were taken by one waitress with a “yeah, what do you want” attitude, the cook screwed up the lamb roast with a salty taste and another waitress just couldn’t comprehend the concept of clearing the plates quickly. I was in no mood to deal with such idiots and even Ooyah couldn’t stand it as she stared at a couple of them.

Gifts were given out to the mothers amidst uncleared plates. Both received bouquets of flowers to start things off. Ibu received a watch and Fadelinah got a necklace from the family. Ooyah also presented her ‘gift’ of a Lancome perfume to her Mama. We then left the damned place soon after that.

Upon reaching home I presented Mak with her gift of a Ralph Lauren perfume. She didn’t want to join us earlier as she was rather tired.

~ by blackcadillac73 on May 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “Mother’s Day (Dorothy Squires)”

  1. I can see Ooyah’s “I am not happy” face there! Nampak macam dia nak bedal staff kat situ. 😀

  2. I always have sthing against SR. This reminds me never to go there again, no matter how tempting the cheesecakes are!

  3. Moby, Ooyah likes to stare at people. Ada chance jadi gangster kampung.

    Raggedyanne, we go there for the chocolate banana cake and Tom Yam Kung. Bad service I can do without … especially from minah and mat kentals too busy joking among themselves to serve customers.

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