Birthday (The Idle Race)

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Another birthday celebrated yesterday. This time Mak’s.

We got her a Swensen’s ice cream cake in the afternoon together with a bouquet of flowers. Ooyah also contributed a doa for her grandma as translated through Fadelinah. As usual, the gift of a Coach bag was presented to her but only later in the evening, since I was also busy cleaning out our room. We went to their Shaw Centre boutique to purchase it and had a quick bite at Taco Bell.

Last night we also discovered one of Ooyah’s bogeyman, in the form of old Ronald McDonald. She was petrified when Fadelinah placed her next to the statue for a picture to be taken. I guess phobia of clowns run in the family. I used to be freaked out by them as a child. Reminds me of that TV movie ‘It‘.


~ by blackcadillac73 on May 17, 2007.

4 Responses to “Birthday (The Idle Race)”

  1. ‘IT’ was freaky boy! but i love all the stephen king’s movie adaptations. my fave has to be ‘the stand’ 🙂

    ooyah dapat rasa cake tak? mesti nenek dia cui sket kan?

  2. It was definitely freaky. Stayed away from drainage grilles along the roadside after watching ‘It’.

    Nenek dia tak payah cui. Dia makan semua yang orang lain makan. Like Papa like Ooyah.

  3. cutenya ooyah! nanti kak nunu ajar doa makan ek? before, during & after makan pun dia baca doa!

  4. Bestlah … nanti Ooyah dah besar sikit dia gi Penang ambik notes dari Nunu. Sekarang dia asyik NGAPPP je.

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