Vital Idol (Billy Idol)

The American Idol show is a farce, when a contestant like Melinda Doolittle gets voted out despite consistent good peformances. She may not have the looks but her vocal range is really impressive. I prefer to call her Joyah since she looks like one.

So now there’re two left … one beatboxing guy and one big hair gal. My money’s on the latter since I cannot forgive the former for his audacious rendition of  Bon Jovi’s You Give Love A Bad Name.

Frankly, I did not watch much of this season’s show. It got rather monotonous after a while. The only part that interest me was the qualifying stages. Mainly to see strange people doing their thing … like the tone-deaf who think they are Whitney Houston or Brian McKnight. Their reactions when told that they did not qualify were priceless. All that drama and cursing.

To-date, Kelly Clarkson still seems to be the best among past winners. The one who went Country also did well. Suprisingly, Jennifer Hudson who didn’t win the competition, outstage everybody by winning an Oscar. Even most actors who have been in the field for decades couldn’t accomplish that. Whereas for Ruben, Taylor and Fantasia … sighhh …


~ by blackcadillac73 on May 18, 2007.

4 Responses to “Vital Idol (Billy Idol)”

  1. i hear you… i lost interest as soon as they announced the top 12. Honestly. Even Melinda did nothing to me, wonderful as she may be.

  2. American Idol has sparked a lot of similar shows. Malaysia has Akademi Fantasia, Gangstarz and the likes. Singapore has even worst ones … having judges who are half-baked themselves certainly doesn’t help.

  3. at least AF has churned out a deserving winner this time around. Penang lass summore! wohooo!

  4. As long as it’s not another Mawi. Aduh Salihaaaaaa!!!

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