Junk Food (A.C. Reed)

Why can’t they just stick to the ones that they’re capable of doing well? Rather than try to be a jack-of-all-trades.

After checking out Robinson’s sale at Centrepoint last night, some in the family were hungry and I was yearning for a sirloin steak from Mak’s Place (the restaurant, not my mum’s). We then decided to head there. However, upon reaching the place, we discovered that it was packed and to make matters worst, it started to rain. Most who were already dining under the open sky made a quick dash for the covered corridors. That was a good enough sign for us to patronise some other eating outlets along Changi Road.

For unknown reasons, Ibu didn’t want to go to Razack’s Seafood Kitchen, although the rest in the family didn’t mind. I personally feel that the friendly staff there warranted another visit from us. A quick stop at Bagus La Mian Yong Tau Fu also drew blanks as they were already closing. By then, the only one within sight was Makmur Restaurant.

I have never eaten at the place my whole life so didn’t mind trying it out. They have three separate parts to their restaurant, one which was air-conditioned, one was not and another was in-between. We went in to the air-conditioned one and was told by a staff that they were closing although it was only 9.20 pm. We then went to the one next to it which was half air-conditioned. Actually I don’t think it was although I can see smoke blowing out from the ceiling unit. Never mind I thought … as long as the food is good.


  • Ayah’s nasi goreng tasted like rice mixed solely with soya sauce. Tasteless!
  • Long’s Aglio Olio tasted like bland mee rebus that’s been blanched too long, topped with chilli padi and 2 miserly prawns. The side of coleslaw tasted only of mayonnaise and nothing else. It was swiftly given my trademark fork and spoon cross for food not fit to be sold and eaten.
  • Fadelinah’s mee hong kong was also below the mainstream’s standard.
  • My sirloin steak was so thin I thought I was eating dendeng topped with mushroom sauce.

Screw you Jalaluddin Hassan for saying Makmur Restaurant’s food is delicious.


~ by blackcadillac73 on May 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Junk Food (A.C. Reed)”

  1. Eh, how come Jalaluddin Hassan always act as the successful career man (usually sporting ugly ties and oversized suits) but bad husband ah?? Very stereotypical roles don’t u think?

    On Makmur restaurant, I also have never patronised them. Now with your review, I don’t think I will ever! 😀

  2. Biasalah … dia kan Malaysia’s soap opera king. He should act as a police chief in one of Yusof Haslam’s formulaic movies. Takde modal lain!

    I like JH’s father though … Ustaz Hassan Azhari, who hosted the popular Muqaddam show in the 70s.

    Don’t ever waste your money patronising that damned place! You’re better off asking Momo or Booboo to cook for you.

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