Stand (R.E.M.)

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Ooyah’s been playing inside a playpen for the past 2 days, which we took out from the first room and placed in the living room. We reckon the only way to let her learn standing up by herself is to obscure her view of the surroundings, rather than let her just lie around with full view of everything. Being the ‘kaypohcee’ that she is, the meshed covers will not do and she will eventually try and look above the playpen for a clearer view of the television and her grandparents. So far it’s working. Not really standing up by herself physically but remain standing for about 5 minutes when we let her hold on to the playpen’s rims.

I reckon she’ll skip the crawling part and just stand on her own two feet. Hopefully …

By the way, her blog has been imported successfully into WordPress minus the shoutbox. The old Blogger will be deleted within the next few days. Now the whole family are WordPress residents.


~ by blackcadillac73 on May 22, 2007.

6 Responses to “Stand (R.E.M.)”

  1. Yay to Ooyah!! Way to go, girl!

    And yay to WordPress!

  2. Yay to WordPress peeps! Booooo to Liverpuss tomorrow! Hehehe …

  3. a family that WP together, stays together LOL!

    eh bagus betul ah budak ni tak bising duduk dlm itu playpen….dulu kakak Nuha pekik terlolong macam orang kena dera tau kalau taruk dalam!

  4. Bila nak ambik gambar je dia ‘maintain’. Lepas tu dia melalak.

  5. I’m new to this wordpress process, and so far I am very pleased. My last blog had me tearing my hair out and was getting me nowhere. My comment though is kudos to you on the your sidebar Seinfeld “show” – this is excellent. I have never seen that done before. I won’t ask how you managed to create this (we won’t share all of our secrets, will we!) but a real job well done. I have all of the DVD’s, watching my favorits over and over (nuts or what). So, will continue on popping into your site for excellent posts. Deb

  6. You are not nuts for watching them over and over again. I do the same thing. That’s what true fans do. Even after the 100th time of watching an episode and knowing the dialogues line for line, we will never get tired of it. Thanks for the link-up and I will drop by your site often too. 🙂

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