Love For Sale (Boney M)

The Great Singapore Sale is back, starting from today till July 22.

Today’s newspaper was thicker than usual with most of the big shopping centres showcasing the products on sale. How convenient that I just happened to redeem Robinsons shopping vouchers last week using my expiring credit card points. $190  and $130 worth of Robinsons and Takashimaya vouchers respectively, the latter being a birthday present.

I’ve been browsing through the entire floors at Takashimaya  after Friday’s prayer the past few weeks, but have yet to find anything that I really want. This afternoon, I managed to part with one of the Robinsons voucher for a nostalgic Monopoly set going at more than half-price as advertised in the papers. Been eyeing that for quite a while.

Meanwhile, I will keep an eye out for any special sales pertaining to the following items.

On a different note, most in the family are under the weather these past few days. Ayah, Ibu, Fizah and Fadelinah came down with flu, even Ooyah was not spared as she was diagnosed having gastric flu by the doctor. She’s also been coughing intermittently. They are still recovering and should be alright soon and I have been taking daily dosages of Vitamin C to avoid getting affected as well.

Fadelinah hopes she can recover by tomorrow so that she can make it to Takashimaya for Burberry’s sale. Some going at 60% off. A good enough reason to fight the flu I guess.


~ by blackcadillac73 on May 25, 2007.

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