Anything Goes (Cole Porter)

A particular advertisement on television this past week has been cracking us up. It’s for these Singapore-made canned drinks called ‘Anything!’ and ‘Whatever!’. I guess some smartass decided to name drinks based on the typical replies one gets when asking friends the drinks they would like to order.

Friend A : “Hey bros, what drinks you want huh?”

Friend B : “Anything!”

Friend C : “Whatever!”

The television advertisement is doing well and getting viewers all interested. It shows a couple of rogue-looking guys getting all flustered despite repeatedly telling a convenient store staff that they wanted ‘Anything!’ and ‘Whatever!’, but being given other things except the drinks.

The board advertisements placed at the bus-stops however, proved to be a major advertorial mistake. Some idiot thought it would be attention-grabbing by placing sealed empty cans of the products around the poster. Attention indeed it grabbed but from unwanted parties. The rag-and-bone people have been peeling the cans off these boards and cashing them in at junkyards. To make matters worst, some people have been complaining that the leftover cans were posing a dengue hazard, in light of the increasing dengue cases in Singapore.

So what’s left now are bare posters of the drinks and a $50,000 waste incurred by the advertiser. I think the guy responsible for that stupid idea should be fired.

There’re unopened single cans of ‘Anything!’ and ‘Whatever!’ inside our refrigerator. We shall soon find out if they’re worth that much attention.

I reckon there will soon be copies of these drinks in other countries. Perhaps in Malaysia, they can name them ‘Sembarang!’.


~ by blackcadillac73 on May 26, 2007.

6 Responses to “Anything Goes (Cole Porter)”

  1. oit sorry sikit. Punya tak sedap nama “sembarang”. It would prolly be called “ape-aper je lah” or “tak kisah lah”

  2. Ye ke? Panjang sangat lah. Malaysia tak pakai ‘sembarang’ eh?

    Kalau gitu nak suruh Wak Kang Enterprise keluarkan air ‘Sembarang’ kat sinilah.

  3. I’ll take the “whatever”, as long as it’s cold and resembles a diet type Coke product.

  4. Opened a can of ‘Whatever!’ yesterday. It tasted like a milder version of 7-Up. Definitely no ‘diet’ stated anywhere on the can. 🙂

  5. when the ad comes out, i thot its a gimmick for anything but not a drink. even when i saw the can, i was like, “nih mesti air bedek punyer..”. anyway love the ads too. both the print/motion ads are very singaporean and creative.

  6. Actually, the drinks are not that bad in taste. Perhaps another brand to join the likes of Kickapoo and Sinalco, and not be extinct like Green Spot.

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